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The building which now houses the Museum of Cartoon Art was built in the early 1900's and was originally used as a residence. It is a two-story building with an area of 265 square meters. The building is a typical wooden "Eskişehir" house located in the area where the city was first founded.

The Museum, the first of its kind in Turkey, is a part of the Research Center for Cartoon Art. In the museum, there are two separate exhibition halls for permament and temporary exhibitions, in addition to portrait hall, halls for local cartoonists and Turkish renowned cartoonists. The museum also houses a library and spaces where artists can work.

The cartoons in the archive will be exhibited in the permament exhibition hall. The works of cartoonists from Turkey and abroad will also be exhibited in the temporary exhibition hall. Through the changing exhibitions the changes in cartoon art will be exhibited which will lead to a constantly developing museum.

The library in the museum will be available to researchers.

Books, postcards, posters and souveniers will be on sale at the museum.

As it is the case all over the world, museums are able to increase the number of their collection through donations and contributions from artists. The museum welcomes contributions from cartoonists all over the world.






 Anadolu University

Museum of Cartoon Art

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